This is the registration page for the LAN party Geekend. The happiness and the nerdiness will be through the roof!

  • Date: Not decided yet. But it is usually during the weekend in studyweek 2 (except during the N0llning).
  • Time: As no Geekend is planned for the future, I cannot tell you what time it will start...
  • Place: iDét, D-huset (jokingly referred to as E-huset)
  • Cost: 20 SEK

An appropriate packing list is

  • one (1) computer
  • a long (~10m) Ethernet cable
  • power strip (if you need more than one outlet)
  • headphones
  • controller
  • picture of your dog

Geekend will be held the same way as earlier editions, including our "MP3 printer" (that anyone can upload music to). This means that there will be moderately loud music played during the entire event.

There will probably be a group of people at the event that are playing around with other stuff than games, like configuring Linux or doing some nice programming. If you want to try a Linux based operating system, this may be a great opportinity to do so, while getting answers to all the questions in your life.